Revolutionizing Cell Cryopreservation

Nature-inspired synthetic ice control


PanTHERA CryoSolutions is a Canadian corporation located in Edmonton, Alberta and Ottawa, Ontario that designs and manufactures cryopreservation solutions for cells, tissues and organs. Launching out of a scientific collaboration between Dr. Robert Ben and Dr. Jason Acker, we aim to drastically change the cryopreservation process to improve both research tools and clinical therapy products.


Ice recrystallization inhibitors are patented small molecules that control ice crystal size and growth throughout the cryopreservation process of cells and tissues. In order to maintain cellular function after extended frozen storage it is important to use a cryopreservation solution that limits cell toxicity, stress and formation of ice crystals. The growth of ice crystals in biological samples is one of the leading reasons for cell death during preservation.

By adding ice recrystallization inhibitors to cryopreservation solutions we create a more hospitable cellular environment that can:

Reduce the concentration of cryoprotective agents such as DMSO

Eliminate damage caused by ice recrystallization due to warming and thawing of biological samples

Change storage temperature requirements, eliminating the need for liquid nitrogen storage



PanTHERA CryoSolutions